Google Static Map for WordPress!

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Simple Google Static Map Plugin for WordPress

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Simple Google Static Map


This simple plugin allow you to insert a simple static google map with a simple shortcode. A few parameters to setup and you’ve got it! The plugin is Widget Area and Contents Ready to use.


Unzip and Upload  the «simplegmap.php» file to the «wp-content/plugins» folder; go to the Admin Panel/Plugin/Add New: upload the file; finally, activate the plugin.

Parameters configuration

‘w’ it’s width of the map (Maximum value: 640px)
‘h’ the height of the map (Maximum value: 640px)
‘z’ is the zoom level (Between ‘0’ – the whole earth map – and ’21’)
‘col’ change markers color (black, brown, green purple,yellow, blue, grey, orange, red, white)
‘addr’ Choose Location Address you want to show on your sidebar, php code or content area.
‘link’ Select ‘true’ or ‘false’ to link the same location in a Google maps.
‘divclass’ custom class for your css customize. Name it as you want. Default is ‘sgmap’

Example Usage

{sgmap w=»300″ h=»300″ z=»14″ col=»blue» addr=»Solarillo de Gracia,Granada,Spain» link=»true»}
NOTE: I use ‘{}’ instead ‘[]’ to show you the code you need to insert in the contents or sidebar area. Remember to replace it before use it!

View results

[sgmap w=»300″ h=»300″ z=»16″ col=»blue» addr=»Solarillo de Gracia,Granada,Spain» link=»true»]


I have no intention to use with coordinates, only with street addresses.

You can Download at

Simple Google Static Map Plugin for WordPress

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